New Life Christian School Athletic Program

Gymnasium Project

North Hill building

Although such a small institution, New Life Christian School’s Athletic Program is doing well. Presently, we are part of the Niagara Frontier Christian Athletic Association (NFCAA) in which we have soccer (boys & coed), basketball (boys & girls), volleyball (girls), and cross-country running (mixed gender).
We had a long year of soccer, volleyball, and basketball which are our more popular sports. Our boys soccer team went undefeated this year, with a few disappointments in our co-ed soccer; volleyball team came in second after a well played season. In basketball, girls won the NFCAA Championship, while boys came in second, but however managed to win the small school championship in the state tournament. Even with our teams doing so well, our gymnasium facility is not the best and now plans are made and we are trying to raise the necessary funds to build a regulation sized, well equipped gymnasium for our students and athletes.
Our basketball, and volleyball teams will be the main beneficiaries of this project and they will find this gym a blessing, and wonderful place to practice and play our home games with pride.

The Gymnasium


NLCS’s sport’s teams have been rewarded with numerous successes but our facilities have remained an issue. Currently, our gymnasium at school is not large enough to use for our basketball or volleyball games, both in terms of court size and seating capacity, so we rent the St. Bonaventure Fitness Center’s basketball facility for our home games. This can be cumbersome, and even costly in the long run.


New Life Christian School is hoping to improve the Athletics Program with a new addition to its sports facilities. The idea of having a regulation sized gym has been one of great interest for years, and now plans are being made in anticipation of brand new Gymnasium for NLCS sporting activities. This new facility is going to have a regulation-sized court, seating, and the additions necessary to make it suitable for our athletic program. We hope for a nice gymnasium we call our own here at New Life.

However, like many other good things, this project is costly. With the entire building plan estimated at $900,000 all substantial amounts in monetary donations toward this expensive yet worthy cause, will be very much appreciated, to enable this project to begin soon.


Why Donate?

  • You will be helping NLCS in its efforts to provide high quality and affordable Christian education to this region.
  • Your donation will demonstrate your commitment to this community and the education of its children.


Levels of Sponsorship


There will be five levels of sponsorship:

Level 1: (Over $10,000)

This includes a part in naming the center, as well as your name being put on a banner, or tile in front of the gymnasium building.

Level 2: (Between $5000 & $10000)

This includes your name on a banner or tile in the gym.

Level 3: (Between $1000 & $5000)

This includes your name on a larger leaf on our Tree of Givers.

Level 4: (Between $500 and $1000)

This includes your name on a slot on our Tree of Givers.

Level 5: (Between $100 and $500)

This includes a New Life calender and free yearbook.

All donors from Level 4 and up, will have their names on parts of the gym.
However, all donations toward this cause, no matter the amount, will be very much appreciated.

Donate Now


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