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Small class sizes and individualized instruction are conducive to a productive education. New life offers an inclusive, familial environment.


At New Life Christian School, we hold to the scriptural position that teaching is not a vocation but a gift. The challenge to encourage each of the students under our tutelage to realize their best in the varied academic disciplines needs to go beyond mere passion. We’ve been privileged to witness more than three decades of peerless faculty dedication. From our conception, a preeminent concern of New Life Christian School has been to not disallow admittance purely on financial grounds. This has meant that our unrealistically low tuition is not enough for commensurate monetary compensation for our staff. Demonstrating Christ’s love to children through teaching is the fuel that drives the engine for all on staff at New Life Christian School. Every full-time staff member is fully credentialed, including masters and doctorate degrees when appropriate. Despite the lack of financial remuneration, many of our staff have served at New Life for their entire adult lives, exemplifying their faithfulness in service to Jesus, and His faithfulness in keeping this work alive.

Graduation Requirements


In addition to the standards set forth by the New York State Board of Regents New Life Christian School requires courses in Christian character development, communicative skills, problem solving, practical life skills, and historic and contemporary Christian philosophy.


Graduates of NLCS have followed a number of vocational paths, including: Education, Engineering, Scientific research, linguistic studies, international service/missions, hospital administration, service within not-for-profit organizations. Tradition among graduates of exceptional scholarship and service to community.

Chuck Trowbridge

I am very thankful for the eduction I received at New Life and am privileged to be a part of the New Life family. I was challenged in many ways that has proved to be beneficial during college, my career and my Christian journey. The spiritual training I received while at New Life helped me understand core Christian theology principles and encouraged me to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I appreciated the NLCS teachers who through their sacrifice and patience taught me for thirteen years.

After High School I attended LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. Though I struggled acedimicallyI graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology with a Mechanical Concentration. I immediately moved to Milwaukee, WI where I started work for Schenck Accurate as a Mechanical Engineer. I have been blessed in my job and have enjoyed learning about large scale industrial process and helping customers implement new technologies. In June 2008 I was honored to marry my very beautiful and intelligent wife Molly whom I met at college. We currently live in Waukesha, WI. We enjoy traveling to visit our families in NY and TX, working at church and relaxing with our friends. My hobbies include most outdoor activites especially off road vehicles and backpacking or camping with Molly. I also enjoy tinkering with vehicles and metal working.

Daniel Peixoto

Houghton College Class of 2011

BS in Business Administration

BA in Integrated Marketing Communication

The Christian education I got at NLCS was very important in my formation as a young adult. Coming from the public school system in my native Brazil I had been exposed to many things such as, atheistic perspectives and to teachers that were always trying to get at the students with their, often times, liberal agendas. School in Brazil was a challenge not in an academic perspective but to my character because it would be very easy to give into the peer pressure and succumb to what they thought it was right.

Therefore, coming to New Life and being in an environment where I was challenged to intensify my relationship with God was a great blessing. There I was able to learn more about my character and I certainly gained a more giving heart. Because when you go into a place every day and you are surrounded by people that are yearning to help you and giving their lives so that I could have a quality education it is something one must cherish forever. It also makes you aim your sights higher. Being a student in a school with such a strong academic history makes you wish to be another one of the successful people that graduated from NLCS.

After graduating from NLCS I decided to stay nearby and go to a school where NLCS graduates had also a history of academic success and attended Houghton College. At Houghton I pursued a double major in Business Administration and Integrated Marketing communication. The strong academics at NLCS had prepared me to demanding academics of Houghton, or of any other college for that matter.

Today after being back in Brazil for a little over a year I have seen how the Lord has blessed me by allowing me to be a small part of NLCS history. Today I am the branch manager in João Pessoa, Brazil of a company specialized in foreign exchange programs. Living and studying abroad gave the differential over the other candidates and helped me get to the position I am right now. Also all the events and activities at NLCS such as; Youth Group, Food Blessing, Trips to Brazil, Student Council, and many others gave helpful experience in leadership and service that are going to be instilled in me for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much for all of those that form the NLCS family. For those who came before me thank you so much for laying the path that I walked on for four years. For the others who came after me do not deviate from the path and keep up the good work.

Let´s go NEW LIFE…

Heather Kuruvilla

NLCS Class of 1988

BS Biology, Houghton College, 1992

Ph.D., Biological Sciences (Cell Biology), State University of New York at Buffalo, 1997

Family: Husband, Saju, and two daughters, Debby and Julia

Residence: Dayton, OH

My line of work involves teaching biology and seeking answers to biological questions through doing research. My perspective is different from that of the majority of scientists because of my personal relationship with the Creator. I see the study of Creation as an act of worship, disciplining our mind to better understand our Creator, His infinite wisdom, and his sense of order. There are so many things that we still don’t understand about nature, but God, in His awesome power, spoke all of these things into existence. And yet this God desires and pursues us, longing for our growth in holiness.

My education at NLCS laid a foundation for me to inquire about God’s creation. We spent a lot of time in worship as well as in learning. We were encouraged to believe that “all truth is God’s truth”, and that all truth, wisdom, and beauty should be pursued through the lens of God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

Now that my husband and I are educating our own daughters, we have chosen to put them in a Christian school so that they will be encouraged to follow hard after their studies while growing in their discipleship with Christ. I am thankful that New Life Christian School continues to provide a place for young people to grow in the truth, in an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and self-discipline.

James Brennan

My parents had made the decision to send me to NLCS after a disastrous year in the public school system. My once positive attitude had declined to near apathy and my grades and overall academic performance deteriorated below the point of failure. I had become lazy, undisciplined, and unruly. I needed help.

I remember my first day attending NLCS, everyone was so friendly and warm. There was a real sense of welcome and genuine love and concern from my well being that had been lacking in public school. Through careful instruction, love and support, I began to gradually improve intellectually as well as emotionally. By the time I graduated NLCS, I had an excellent academic foundation to build on, new found emotional balance, and an ever improving relationship with Jesus.

A good portion of my life has been spent in full time ministry as a Salvation Army Officer or youth pastor. The Lord has blessed me with tremendous ministries and I remain humbled that He allows me to serve. My current appointment is in Rochester at the Liberty Pole Way Corps. We have many social ministry programs for the broken and the lost including numerous homeless shelter, Bible studies, Men’s and Women’s ministries, Celebrate recovery, and Sunday morning worship services.

Hobbies odd facts and general randomness:

I play the guitar

We have four cats

I like one of the four cats

The “we” I speak of is my wife, Tricia.

We don’t have any children

Recent near vegan conversion

Just gave up coffee and all forms of soda

Nearly finished with my pastoral counseling degree

Love football (Bills Backer)

Love Hockey (Sabres only please)

Lydia Farmer

Roots is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the impact of Christian education on my life. Roots often go unnoticed, but when they are strong, plants grow and thrive. What a difference it makes to look at the world through the lens of the Bible and have an ultimate source of truth to compare all other ideas! In a time when no one is truly sure what/how to believe, I can always rely on “God is good and His Word is True.” It does not matter much how the wind blows or where you’re planted, those roots can grow into a fruitful life.

One of the best aspects of my education was Scripture memory. I remember feeling nervous every Friday before orally reciting a passage of several verses, but many of them have stuck with me and proven to be a great guide right when I needed it. God has been faithful to continue pouring out His great love as I seek to know His heart for me on every new step of the journey.

Life post- New Life

I attended Houghton College where I studied Childhood Ed with a concentration in Intercultural Studies and graduated Magna Cum Laude in December of ’04. From undergrad I moved with my family to North Carolina for a few months of transition while I prepared to travel abroad to teach at a children’s home in Namibia, Africa. I was in Africa 5 months and taught children ages 4–14 in grades pre-K through 4th. What an adventure! I also assisted in making meals, administering medicine for the HIV positive children, and was actively involved in a feeding/discipleship program to a local village. When I returned to the States, I took a position teaching 2nd Grade at a Classical Christian School in Greenville, NC. I became very active in co-leading the 20Something ministry in my church and also preparing/serving meals at the local Community Shelter. I taught 2nd Grade for five years and enjoyed working with children of all learning styles. I decided to take a teaching sabbatical to stay home with my son- born at the end of my fifth year teaching & have been blessed in doing so. My husband, Scott, and I are expecting our second child in October of 2012. My passion for teaching remains and I do believe I’ll be back in the classroom one day.

While staying home I have gotten involved with leading small groups for moms at my church and doing one-on-one discipleship for ladies who have just begun their walks with the Lord. Of course I keep busy with the normal “wife/mom” stuff & love to try new recipes, host people in my home, and do anything outdoors with my family. I am truly blessed!